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Learning effective self-defense doesn't need to take long.

With us you not only learn the most up-to-date policy, military, martial arts and counter-terrorism techniques, but also everything you need to know about pre- and post-conflict, which means everything you need before a conflict and after.

Since 2003 these techniques are being tought, trained and permanently improved. Everytime we come across a better and simpler technique, we adapt our system accordingly. This way we make sure that you always learn the most effective way to defend yourself plus the ones important to you.

Unfortunetely we see that in recent years the world didn't become a safer place - but instead the opposite. So get now started to learn everything necessary for avoiding conflicts or if this is not possible to survive them.


Reality-Based Personal Protection
Easy to learn
Reality based

Reality-Based Personal Protection (or short: RBPP) is based on the police and military way of teaching

We offer a complete education but also courses on special topics which can be taken independently or combined.

Please look into our specialty courses, such as self-defense for women (Women's Survival), martial arts business courses, and more...

Explore our site for more information on the RBPP system founded by Jim Wagner, former soldier, prison guard, police officer, SWAT officer, diplomatic bodyguard, counterterrorist, military police, reservist soldier, and self-defense instructor for over 30 years