Jim Wagner Personal ProtectionBe a hard target.

It doesn't take years to learn real self-defense. It takes days.

"War arts": That's the literal meaning of the words "martial arts". Unfortunately, most martial arts schools do not, and can not, prepare you for the "wars" you and your loved ones are most likely to face: armed robberies, carjackings, gang attacks, criminal stabbings, drive-by shootings, acts of terrorism, and sexual harassment and sexual assault for you women.

If you had a desire to learn how to sky dive or SCUBA dive for the first time, would you want to learn from someone who has never jumped from an airplane before or someone who only got their underwater experience from a swimming pool? Of course not, and yet most civilian self-defense instructors have never been in an actual life-and-death conflict, and are merely passing down information given to them from their instructors. Even if they have been in the proverbial "bar fight" in their past, the question must be asked "Have they been shot at, attacked with a knife, or looked into the eyes of a criminal or terrorist?"

The reason Reality-Based Personal Protection is the "original reality-based martial art" is and not just because Jim Wagner coined the phrase back in 1999, but because of his background that few self-instructors can match: former soldier, corrections officer, street cop, SWAT team officer, diplomatic bodyguard, counterterrorist Special Agent for the United States government after 9/11, police and military firearms instructor, tactics instructor, and defensive tactics instructor.

Boker and Jim Wagner created an exclusive line up of different seminars, which covers all of the reality based conflicts, that you can face one day. In each and every seminar, you will be taught how to behave during the seconds of a criminal attack. This covers the behaviour from a civilian in a bad neighbourhood or the special techniques during a raid, disarm or partner cover etc. for professional participants.

Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection system has revolutionized the way people are learning self-defense. It's easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, and most of all - realistic! Students and instructors from every type of traditional and sport-based martial arts you can imagine are coming to the system. Even many of the world's elite police and military units have come to Jim Wagner for training: German counterterrorist team GSG9, the Israeli National Police Academy, the FBI, Argentinean G.O.E., Brazilian G.A.T.E., the U.S. Army, Finland's National Police Academy, the Royal Dutch Police, the German Federal Police Academy, the DEA, Homeland Security, and the list goes on.

You have got the possibility to become a certified Reality Based Personal Protection instructor, if you wish to teach this system in the future.